Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of Denver Payday Loan Solution was designed for all of our customers to view their rights and responsibilities. Knowing the information that we request from you is very important on how we are able to use it. You would want to be able to trust a financial company who has your personal information to not sell it, trade it, etc. This Privacy Policy describes how your information is collected and how it is used through our company. Even though we are a business, there are guidelines that must be followed in order to provide safety with your information you have given us. We want all of our customers and visitors of our website know that all the information provided to Denver Payday Loan Solution is protected and secured.

The Purpose Of Our Privacy Policy

Through this entire privacy policy, Denver Payday Loan Solution is could be referred to as "we", "us", "our", etc. This is to distinguish the difference of the customer and the business. By using these terms to describe our business allows you to understand how we are communicating with everyone. Also by using these terms to describe the company, we are creating a difference between the customer and the business.

While browsing our company website, you are sending information through your internet browser that is being stored on our website. This information is provided automatically once you have chosen to view the website. Voluntary information includes the internet browser you are using, cookies transferred, your IP address and your location. This is information that can be used by our IT department when conducting surveys. These surveys include data for our website, which would allow for us to accommodate those who do not have an updated browser. We want to ensure that every viewer is able to view our website the same, no matter what internet browser is being used. Again, this type of information is solely used for survey purposes only.

If you fill our and submit any information through this website, your information will be stored automatically. For instance, if you submit a question through the Contact Us form, we will store the information that you have given to us. This would be for our office associates to create you a personal account with our business. Another way for personal information to be stored would be if you decided to "follow" or receive information from our company. This would require you to submit your name, physical address, telephone number and more. All your personal information would be stored in an account for us to be able to notify you of specials or surveys from our business. If you are not a customer with us and wish to "Opt Out" of these voluntary services, feel free to contact us and we will eliminate your information from our database. Remember, the personal information that may be stored would have been provided by the individual.

Protection Within Our Privacy Policy

It is important to understand that protecting your privacy is an important matter with us. Especially within todays society, you never know who truly has your information or not. This Privacy Policy will advise you on how we plan to use or are using your personal information. The information you have given us through this website would be to process any requests or respond to your inquiries. Even if we are responding to you through this website or by phone, we only ask for minimal information. This information includes your name, telephone number, and your inquiry. An associate will then respond to you in a timely manner to better assist your needs.

With this privacy policy, we want to ensure that every customer can enjoy our website and not have worry about their identity or personal information being taken advantage of. That is why we have created this privacy policy. To provide security for every individual that views this website. When you choose to use our company website, you are silently agreeing the terms and conditions of our website privacy policy. If for some reason you disagree with the privacy policy we have created, we recommend that you discontinue the use of our website and exit the page immediately.

Sharing Personal Information
Denver Payday Loan Solution does not, for any reason, sell, share or trade personal information with any third party affiliates. Our underwriters and collection agencies are the only affiliate that has access to your personal information. This is due to customers who do not repay the funds on time and fall into a collections process. The other affiliate would be for the underwriters who provide the business and auto loans for the customer. We have the right, at any given time, to update, alter, add or change the privacy policy without any given notice. There will be a notification posted on the front page of the website advising you of these changes. That is why we recommend that you always view the company privacy policy prior to researching the website you are on.

If you have any more concerns or questions regarding the information provided through this privacy policy, feel free to contact Denver Payday Loan Solution at any time. We have associates that are here to better explain our terms and conditions for you. We look forward to helping you with your financial needs now and in the future.